Chantal Parisse was born in Cambodia but grew up in Africa, a place that will have a long-lasting impact on her. The cultures and the diversity she came in contact with during her childhood still influence the way she sees the world today.

Growing up in Africa, she got to enjoy travelling and meeting people immersed in their daily activities. In all her travels throughout Europe, French Guyana, India, Thaïland, or China, Chantal Parisse strives to meet others and experience their daily lives – lives that could not exist elsewhere.

Where ? In the street, obviously, in every street of the world, because the street offers endless opportunities for the eye to capture ordinary moments of ordinary people's lives – the many, daily activities of any individual, anywhere.

Chantal Parisse expresses the “moments” she observes in real life through her watercolours.
Watercolour is a technique that is both simple and demanding: it combines pigments with water in a subtle way, an art mastered through a permanent search for the right line, the right nuance, and the right drop of water…

All these elements blend subtly to produce a watercolour that carries us away into the depicted reality, their reality, our reality.
Between subtlety and depth, Chantal Parisse's work takes us far away,very far away, until a face, a figure appeals to us, and from then on, the journey turns into an inner voyage.

The daily, ordinary life expressed by her work reveals the beauty of a life in which mankind blends with simplicity.

It is after a trip to China in November 2005 that Chantal Parisse decided to share her work with others.